Production year: 1995

SEVRUGA Cutlery. A 72 piece cutlery service in 18/10 stainless steel, designed by Josep LLuscà. Mies van der Rohe?s maxim of less is more, is evident in this product which intends to provide greater features and quality using less materials. This design offers more economic alternatives both from the aesthetic point of view as well as in terms of industrial and ecological costs. SEVRUGA is a cutlery design in which importance has been given to the feel of the material, its texture, weight and temperature. In this cutlery design, the aesthetic aspect is not considered to be a mere added value of the product. Instead, it is given the same importance as other aspects such as function or ergonomic design. Beauty has been converted into an identifying element of the design, helping to create links between the design itself and the user. The essence of this cutlery lies in its curved and refined design lines which lend it a sensual appearance. The bevelled handles further enhance the form, at the same time bringing visual thickness to the cutlery, making it easier to use. SEVRUGA offers a simple solution that guarantees the elegance, purity and clarity of the product. Produced by: WMF Year of design: 1995 Year of production: 1995 www.wmf.esuberteria