Sculpture JJOO '92

Production year: 1989

JJOO?92 Sculpture As one of the official companies collaborating in Information Technology and computer applications for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, IBM sought to mark this achievement by commissioning a commemorative sculpture for its central offices in Barcelona. This unique element is an elliptical section monolith finished off in a pinnacle which has the appearance of being suspended in mid air. The entire piece reaches a height of 8 meters, measuring 90 centimetres in width and has a thickness of 50 centimetres at its broadest point. Both the pinnacle and monolith were produced in polyester and fibre glass with a white mother-of-pearl finish and have a metal profile inner structure which secures the piece to its foundations. The monolith, lit from the ground on both sides, has a flashing stroboscope light at the top which can be adjusted to flash like a lighthouse. This flashing light can even be synchronised to coincide with the rhythms of the human heartbeat. The monolith has up to three different graphic elements: the IBM anagram engraved in relief form on the polyester, the motto of the Barcelona 92 sponsorship campaign, written in Catalan and in Spanish and engraved in bas-relief on the two sides of the sculpture and, finally, also on both sides, the official COOB 92 logo in the approved colours, transferred onto the polyester. Produced by: IBM Year of design: 1989 Year of production: 1990

Sculpture JJOO '92 Sculpture JJOO '92 Sculpture JJOO '92