Table accessories SCULPTURA

Production year: 1992

Table accessories SCULPTURA is a collection of objects, each one of which is destined to be used to perform a precise function which should be flawlessly carried out: a serving tray whose function it is to carry and serve food and drinks or other goods in absolute safety: a Champaign cooler, which is used to keep Champaign cool: a cheese dish which, in addition to being used to store cheese, also preserves all of its natural properties or a platter that is used to present and serve salmon. The collection also includes underplate, fruit dishes, coasters, trays in various sizes and a serviette holder. All of these articles have been designed to be held securely, in addition to being easily cleaned and handled, without representing a risk to the user. But in addition, SCULPTURA is intended to perform another role through its forms. It should communicate with us, explain how it works, what it is used for, it should convey its function; but above all we have to like it. For this reason, we wanted to design a series of objects with simple, clear, precise and striking forms that were at the same time poetic and sensual, as it is through its forms that an object starts to capture our interest. Contributing towards this capacity for seduction, are symbolic, sensorial or cultural aspects, which, when added to its specific form characteristics, shape the final image of this object. SCULPTURA originated from the idea of designing all the objects from a single piece, with no additional detail, solely a sheet of 1 mm thick steel which is transformed into a platter, coasters, underplate, fruit dish or Champaign cooler by means of a single blow from the press, including the handles. In some cases this sheet of metal could be complemented with a glass or wooden element such as in the case of the salmon platter, the cruet set or the cheese dish. Produced by: WMF Year of design: 1992 Year of production: 1993 Awards: Award for High Quality. 1993. Design Zeutrum Nord Rheim Westfalm, Escu, Germany. -IF Award for Good Industrial Design, 1993, IF Industrie Form Design Hannover, Germany. www.wmf.es

Table accessories SCULPTURA Table accessories SCULPTURA Table accessories SCULPTURA Table accessories SCULPTURA Table accessories SCULPTURA