Dynamic bike DBIKE 5.5

Production year: 0000

DBIKE 5.5 by Wingroup is the flagship product of the Halley Fitness range of fitness equipment manufactured by Wingroup and sold in partnership with Orbea. Halley Fitness offers a complete range of products consisting of eleven items of fitness equipment to meet the needs of non-professionals, i.e. equipment for domestic use that meet their specific requirements, such as the optimisation of space, ease of use and its mandatory inclusion in different rooms. In the development of the range, the Dbike 5.5 represented research and development that was in keeping with its tradition of pioneering innovations for the sector. The challenge posed by this model was to develop a piece of equipment that provides the user with a realistic riding experience, including that of riders in competition, through its aesthetic, size, ergonomics, functions and movement. The designs set out in detail the aesthetics of each component with a view to its inclusion in equipment while taking into account the volume of the latter, while at the same time managing the other significant aspects of these components: dimensions, assembly configurations, ergonomics and functional movements. This stationary bicycle represents a major advance in the form of the innovative SPM (Syncronic Pendular Movement) system, which replicates the experience of pedalling and riding a conventional bicycle. The SPM consists of a light lateral oscillation that inclines the whole bicycle (frame, saddle, handlebar and computer) to create a hinge effect with the ground support base, creating a exceptional likeness to the movement and inclination of a real bicycle and the body when pedalling. Its dynamic and sporting aesthetic, together with its functions, have made the Dbike 5.5 a distinguished and innovative product in the non-professional fitness sector and at leading international exhibitions, such as the ISPO Winter de Munich. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS -13 kg flywheel. -Multifunction motorised computer. -Touch screen with backlight. -Pulsometers built into handlebar. -15 exercise programs. -Height and depth adjustable saddle. -Ergononomic handlebar. -Extra-large weighted pedals with straps. -Built-in castors and four levelling feet. -Compliant with European standards EN 957 and RoSH Produced by: Wingroup Year of Design: 2004 Year of production: 2007

Dynamic bike DBIKE 5.5 Dynamic bike DBIKE 5.5 Dynamic bike DBIKE 5.5 Dynamic bike DBIKE 5.5 Dynamic bike DBIKE 5.5 Dynamic bike DBIKE 5.5